Review by Laura Klonowski 

LOZT are an exciting rising folk/pop duo from the UK consisting of Lauren Scudder and Tom Ryder and this July they will be releasing their eagerly anticipated debut EP ‘I Want You’. Here we review the four-track record ahead of its July 13th release:

The record opens with the stomping, guitar heavy ‘Change My Mind’ that is a wonderful combination of country, pop and folk that blend together to create a stunning melody and Lauren and Tom’s vocal harmonies are simply divine. It’s huge introduction to the EP and a toe-tapping anthem that will get you singing along from the first line.

Up next is ‘Quake’ which sees the duo slowing things down slightly from the huge pop infused opening. This has much more of a lyrical story and Ryder’s vocals take the lead in the opening of the track allowing his voice to shine. Scudder comes in later to with a haunting vocal that elevates the stunning ballad to a whole new level.

At number 3 is the title track and it’s a gorgeous song that embodies the whole vibe of the EP and showcases the musicianship of LOZT and confirm that they have a huge future ahead of them. It’s a very country/folk track and the vibe is laid back with melodic guitar and a simple production that allow their voices to shine and the lyrics take centre stage.

The EP comes to a close with the BAXT remix of of ‘Quake’ and it’s a brilliant way to end the record that overall is a wonderful introduction to LOZT and the remix brings the track to a whole new level and elevates it to a danceable hit.


Overall ‘I Want You’ is a mix of pop infused country/folk tracks that live long in the memory after just one listen. RATING: 4.5/5

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Hello friends, 

LOZT brings together Lauren from Orange County, California and Tom from London, UK. Both solo acts in our own right, we have come together to blend genres, voices and cultures.

The name LOZT is inspired from us both being ‘lost’ travellers from opposite sides of the globe, but is also a nod to our passion and commitment to promoting mindfulness and wellbeing for people from all walks of life. With so much music being consumed via online and streaming sources, we believe that a bit of the humanity and connectedness has been lost. To address this, we want to share our music through live performances, face-to-face with our audience as much as possible. We have shared our time and resources with community organisation Retune and schools throughout the UK. People can feel lost in so many ways and we hope to be a voice for those who are still finding their way.

Over the past year we have put everything we have physically, mentally, emotionally and financially into this venture. The progress we've made so far and the synergy from our audiences has inspired us to keep moving forward. For this next chapter we have launched a Pledge Music campaign store to help finish our first EP. Then we will make our way to perform in the UK and California!

Thank you to those who have offered support in the past, I hope you will consider being a part of this next journey, we would love to have you on our team. Learn more about us and the campaign, browse our store and see what's up for grabs!


LOZT // Turmoil // Live From Bridge Sessions